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welcome to baa, the producer of heirloom blankets. baa are the only artisanal blankets made from the softest, locally sourced, eco-pure, un-dyed wool — the actual colors of our sheep.

the sheep's wool is turned into yarn using natural, chemical free soaps, ensuring your baby never touches chemicals.

because your baa blanket is made from sheep that have worn jackets to protect their wool from the elements, baa ensures a chemical-free and cleaner blanket — for you, your baby, and the planet.

baa blankets are knit to order on 3D Japanese knitting machines, so there is no waste, no fumes, and no dangerous or dirty factories involved.


meet janet

when janet anthos became a regular at hudson valley’s farmer’s markets, she discovered a micro-economy of shepherdesses. with market stalls filled with beautiful felting and batting, these shepherdesses nevertheless struggled to sell their wares while managing their farms.

struck by their stories, janet began asking herself how she could connect the local farm to mainstream fashion. using her experience in the infant bedding and layette product development space, janet launched baa. soft, custom-made, and dye-free, baa baby blankets use clean, natural wool sourced from hudson valley farms. the result? a new luxury blanket that supports the environment and the local economies that produce them.